The story of Ciambella Legnami began in 1946 when the founder Adelio Ciambella, driven by his great love for wood, established the first contacts to import wood from Austria and Yugoslavia. In a few years, the first store was opened in Assisi, the “green heart of Italy”. Adelio encouraged his children Giuseppe and Daniela to gradually get involved in the business. What originally was the dream of a man became a business that started growing and getting increasingly popular in the market. Nowadays, GIANT® is a well-known brand in the flooring industry offering a wide range of flooring products for any kind of interior.

European Acacia Rustic
African Afrormosia Nature
American Elm; Red Nature
European Steamed Beech Nature
African Wenge; Black Nature
Ash White Nature
American Cherry Nature
American Oak; White Nature
American Oak; Red Nature
European Oak Rustic
European Oak Select
African Doussie Nature
African Zebrano Nature
African Iroko Nature
Cabreuva Nature
American Chestnut Select
European Chestnut Rustic
European Chestnut Select
European Maple; White Nature
Indonesian Merbau Nature
American Nut Black Nature
African Padouck Red Nature
Burmese Teak Golden Nature
Bolivian Escuero Nature