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New styles, designs, and colours are periodically being added to an already remarkable range of flooring options. By visiting our showroom you will be certain to make a choice that corresponds to your needs and self-expression.

Solid Block Parquet

Solid Block Parquet is a great choice for achieving unique interior and conveying natural beauty. The character of natural wood grain combined with its lasting durability will enhance the décor of your home and save its enduring appeal for generations to come.

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Engineering Flooring

Engineering flooring is one of the most innovative flooring options. It has all the quality advantages and characteristics of solid wood parquet. The flooring consists of two or three layers of wood with extremely durable top layer and a high quality base layer made of water-resistant plywood.

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Palace Parquet

Palace parquet was exclusively used for decorating the houses of nobles and royal chambers. By choosing palace parquet you will convey a classic and luxurious interior style.

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Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom flooring is an innovation that managed to become popular in a short period of time. Natural wood is suggested to be the best option for all barefoot areas. The warmth and natural characteristics of wood are beneficial for people’s health.

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