Products offered by the company New Design Porte are manufactured in compliance with ancient traditions of craftsmanship production. Finishing is performed using traditional old technique with bee wax and decorations painted by artists by hand. The company was established in 1996 by the initiation of experts, who had a lot of experience in the furniture industry and who developed the production of interior doors by investing their furniture making skills and deep knowledge .
The company, guided by its constant goal of high quality, uses equipment based on the latest technology in combination with traditional methods of handicraft production. In today’s world, people constantly increase their desires and capabilities to have a comfortable and beautiful life. Hobbies, tastes, creative ideas and good knowledge of all the properties and qualities of wood are the things that unite the masters of furniture. All of these characteristics distinguish New Design Porte company specializing in the production of interior doors and exceptional objects of interior designed for customers with exquisite taste.
Using the styles and trends of different historical epochs, New Design Porte constantly enriches their products with new models and decors of exceptional elegance and refined taste. Products of New Design Porte are unique in their industry and undeniably different from the numerous imitations that fill the market today.
New design implements projects in close cooperation with the customer, provides detailed advice concerning any questions about the architecture and interior decoration in order to provide satisfaction to all the customers.

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