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To optimally prepare the new floor for the special requirements of bathrooms and wellness areas, a few basic rules must be followed.
Spa parquet has to be glued to the subfloor by professional installers and sealed with permanently elastic joint filler around perimeter. The new parquet floor can also be laid over underfloor heating and is oil-finished directly on site right after installation. Oil-finishing is performed with a special oil balm, which the installer applies in two coats. This intense surface treatment protects the parquet floor against moisture penetration. The oil is absorbed into the wood pores without preventing the wood’s ability to breathe. As well prepared as the floor is, puddles should be wiped up immediately nevertheless: Standing water adversely affects a wood floor just as much as prolonged exposure to excessive air humidity in the room (above 70 percent). It is therefore essential to air the room regularly! Depending on the level of use and the condition of the floor surface, the floor should be reoiled from time to time. This relatively small amount of care is well worth it.
Natural wood is the ideal basis to walk barefoot. Its warmth and naturalness are seen as particularly pleasant features.

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