Italian doors Ghizzi & Benatti are true work of art. High-tech production process using quality materials and traditional secret of success Ghizzi & Benatti. The doors are the ideal solution for any interior.
The entire process of production takes place in Ghizzi & Benatti factory. Automated production process and multi-level management techniques provide high performance and quality. The palette of colors, structures and door styles are versatile and any customer will find the perfect option for any interior. It is worth to note that Ghizzi & Benatti uses only natural wood like oak, cherry, walnut, olive, chestnut and etc.
Design solutions and details are clearly visible in all pieces. Enegy, Colore, Spario, Vertice, Divma and Classica collections represent the best traditions of Italian masters. Olive wood and details of matte inject life to Energy collection. Clean lines in Graffito and Light collections will be perfect complement to modern style. For River, Colorado, Vegas and Canyon collections used aluminum and metal details are dominating.

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