Balta Group presents tremendous possibilities for the flight of creative thought. There are countlesss choices like the Cavali, Monterverdi, Mustang, Solid and Wellington collections.
Carpet Balta – is produced by the world-famous Belgian factory. Its products have long won popularity among consumers in many countries of the world, and the reason for their success is the offered high quality. Their products have been ordered by the best hotels, restaurants and clubs in England, France, Switzerland and other countries.

  • Balta carpets are very durable and can be easily cleaned due to their dirt-repellent quality. They are treated with special anti-static and fireproof structure. Developers of carpet Balta constantly work to improve the performance of their products and expand their collection by developing new technologies and looking for new components and advanced solutions.
  • Carpet Balta offers the best combination of functionality, beauty, and successful solutions for interior decoration lutions for interior decoration.
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