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Plank 1-Strip 4V Oak Sauvage retro brushed

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ID No. 530793

Our HARO products are among the best on the market. This has been confirmed by various prizes, awards and quality seals we have received for our high-quality HARO product range. Just two examples: In the tests of the Heimwerker Praxis DIY magazine and in the parquet test by Parkett Welt, very good grades were achieved for our HARO Parquet 4000 Plank 1-Strip Oak Sauvage brushed 2V, the HARO Cork Floor Corkett Lagos and the HARO Cork Floor Corkett Arteo Oak*. These are now complemented by our design floor DISANO by HARO with the styles of Holm Oak Creme, which received a “very good” rating from ÖKO-Test (a German consumer magazine), since it is entirely free from plasticisers and PVC. We are very pleased about this prestigious affirmation of HARO’s philosophy of quality.

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