The elegance of the parquet in the rooms dedicated to relaxation and being together. Discover the most beautiful settings.

Parquet with character for a stylish house

A bright, contemporary, high-design space acquires even more character thanks to the rustic selection, smooth, Big Old format walnut wooden floor.

Where the Ancient and the modern meet

The elegance and modernity of the parquet laid inside a private villa characterized by a youthful design style. The floor was covered with the Antique Quadrotte (square compositions) Oak Floors of the Creator line, sample colour, Asia model.

The charm of leather

The sheer whiteness of the walls and furnishings meets the decided colours of the parquet and sofa, to give life to a high-design environment. For the floor, a prefinished wooden floor in oak of the Listo Floor line was chosen, model Gold, brushed, in unique selection, and bevelled on the 4 sides. The colouring is an aged warm, leather effect, in herringbone pattern.

The magic of wood

An elegant private home in the centre of Padua finds new light thanks to the magic of wood, present on both the ceiling and the floor. In the living area there is a parquet floor in oak of the Master Floor line, model Big Old, in rustic choice, brushed and bevelled on the 4 sides. The colour is a refined and luminous Acque Veneziane Pearly.

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