We at BOEN always enjoy working with the latest trends to always keep you up to date.

As your Style Adviser, our goal is to recognize the trends early. We work together with internationally renowned trend expert Gudy Herder, to accomplish our goal.
Together we visit trade fairs and shows, talk to designers and host workshops.
We follow blogs, influencers and search for inspiring people on Instagram. This is incorporated directly into our product development process, so that we can deliver quality products that fits your style.

As a result, the new hardwood floors are well suited for the upcoming trends for 2018, but at the same time, products that will last through changes and will be a match for your style.


After a few years of downsizing and cutting back, tastemakers are now focusing on new and luxurious approaches to design.


Balancing Act is a term that embodies the meeting point of mindfulness and multiculturalism captured during the growing nomadic lifestyle and recorded in the light shades that give comfort wherever you live.


Objects and designs look raw. Inspired by raw materials but adding a subtle touch of refinement.