The company STAUF has been resolutely engaged in the technical development and research of glues for more than 180 years becoming an expert in its field. The history of this industry includes a long way from hide glue to the production of specific synthetic adhesives. Since 1828: the sixth generation, STAUF has remained a family enterprise wholeheartedly developing and producing adhesives and becoming a crucially significant part of adhesive production history.
Furthermore, STAUF is considered to be a leading manufacturer of customized solutions in the field of floor equipment. To achieve a reliable and durable bonding of parquet, the company develops and manufactures innovative glue systems on the basis of high quality raw materials.
Additionally, STAUF offers a full range of products and their complements for the preparation of subfloor.
ration of subfloor.

• Preparation of Subfloor
• Parquet adhesives
• Adhesives for floor coverings
• Adhesives for artificial turf and sport flooring
• Adhesives for assembly and repair, cleaners
• Instruments and related products